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Put an end to your struggles and improve your learning experience with personal data structures and algorithms tutoring sessions from our qualified experts.

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Looking for an Online Data Structures Tutor?

Some popular concepts of data structures like arrays, queues, and trees are easy to understand conceptually but often are confusing while coding. We have expert data structure tutors that help you understand and apply various concepts of data structure to build your skills as a developer. We have live 1:1 sessions with experienced mentors who can guide you as per your capabilities.

What are Data Structures & Algorithms?

Data structure is a concept of computer science that is used to store and organize data to be more structured. This allows the data to be accessed more easily and efficiently. Some common data structures are stacks, queues, and arrays.
An algorithm on the other hand is a series of steps that are used to solve any problem, an algorithm is defined to make programming a solution easy. An algorithm is unique to its problem statement. For example, an algorithm for adding 2 numbers would be -
Step 1: Take 2 numbers as input
Step 2: Create a variable sum and initialize it to ‘0’
Step 3: Add both numbers and assign their result to sum

Why Learning DSA is Important?

DSA stands for data structures and algorithms, the core subjects in any programming language are essential to building any project. The choice of DSA can determine various factors of a problem/project such as its efficiency, time complexity, space complexity, and functionality. The DSA chosen for every project/software/ algorithm is unique to its problem statement, if time needs to be saved then a different approach is used, if space needs to be saved then a different approach is used for the same problem. DSA also builds the critical thinking of a developer as it pushes them to think through various methodologies and choose the most viable solution to the problem.

Key Topics where Students need Expert Assistance

Each student has their level of understanding and experience in the field of computer science but some major topics that may be difficult to grasp are:

  • Queues: It is a type of data structure that follows the FIFO principle(first in, first out). Here the elements which are added first are removed first.
  • Stack: It is a type of data structure that follows FILO( first in, last out). Here the elements which are added first are removed last. You can learn about the difference between stacks and queues in this blog.
  • Linked lists: These are a series of elements that point to the element next to it, for example, imagine a train with various compartments, and they are all linked together. They are 2 types of linked lists, single which points to one the element next to it, and double linked list which points to elements on both sides.
  • Trees: These are collections of nodes that are arranged hierarchically. The structure resembles branches of a tree all starting with a root node.
  • Hash tablesThese are a type of data structure that uses a hash function to map the various keys within associative arrays.
  • Dynamic programmingIt is a technique where a complex program is broken into smaller pieces, each piece is then solved individually and the solution is stored in an array that can be later reused as per requirements.
  • Greedy technique: It is a technique that finds the best local solution at every step of the problem in hopes to get the global optimal solution. It used mainly in optimization problems

Top-Rated Data Structures & Algorithms Tutors

DSA is a fundamental topic in computer science and is essential to become a developer. FavTutor has some of the top-rated DSA tutors to help you strengthen your foundation in the concept of Data structure and algorithms.
Our tutors cover various concepts and complex topics like time complexity, space complexity, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, greedy algorithms, and dynamic programming. With favTutor you learn the concepts as well as the implementations behind every topic. This helps you understand the subject to its root and efficiently implement it in real-world projects.

Get 1-on-1 Live Tutoring Now (C++, Java or Python)

DSA is a common concept that is applied in various programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++. FavTutor provides a live 1:1 session to build your fundamentals in the language of your choice. 1:1 session helps you understand the topics at your own pace by highly skilled professionals. DSA is essential to build your career as a developer

How Much Time will I need to Learn it?

The time taken depends on one’s learning capabilities, time dedicated, and learning style. If you were to start from scratch and know the basics of any one programming language, we can breakdown the timeline as follows :

  • Learning Data Structures (2 weeks)
    There are various data structure types as linear & non-linear data structures. For example - arrays, queues, and trees.
  • Learning space complexity and time complexity (1 week)
    Learning the space and time complexity is necessary to understand the working of all the structures and algorithms, this is essential to decide the best-suited DSA for any algorithm.
  • Learning algorithms (2 weeks)
    There are various algorithms that one can learn. Some of the most popular ones are sorting algorithms - bubble sort, merge sort, greedy algorithms - Huffman’s code, knapsack problems, etc.
  • Practice ( 3 weeks)
    Practicing DSA problems allows you to solidify the basics of DSA and gives you a deeper perspective of every concept. Practice you to be able to use them in real-world projects efficiently.

Why are we best to help you?

We have the most reputed and skilled professionals, who can guide you in building your fundamentals of programming such as DSA efficiently. The foundation is essential to your career as a developer, hence we provide live 1:1 sessions and 24x7 support for any assistance you may need.

  • Expert Tutors: We pride in our tutors who are experts in various subjects and provide excellent help to students for all their queries, and help them secure better grades.
  • Specialize in International education: We have tutors across the world who deal with students in USA and Canada, and understand the details of international education.
  • Student-friendly pricing: We follow an affordable pricing structure, so that students can easily afford it with their pocket money and get value for each penny they spend.
  • Round the clock support: Our dsa tutors provide uninterrupted support to the students at any time of the day, and help them advance in their career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What does an online data structures tutor do?

A data structure tutor mentors you in the fundamentals of data structure and algorithm concepts. They help you understand complex topics with live sessions and guide you at your own pace.

2) Which are the Important topics in DSA?

DSA has 3 important topics that one must learn to complete their foundation in programming - data structures, algorithms, and time/space complexities.

3) How much is the charge for live tutoring?

The charge for a 1:1 session with an industry expert is $45 per hour.

How Favtutor Works?

1) Share your problem

Raise a request and share the details of your concerned subject. You can either sign up and share your problem or simply write to us in the chat widget below.

2) We assign the best tutor

Unlike other tutoring services, we personally assign the best tutor to you after careful consideration of your requirements.

3) Live and 1:1 sessions

With live sessions and 24/7 availability, you can connect with our tutors at any time of the day, and receive instant help.