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15 Amazing Java Projects for Beginners in 2021 (New Ideas)

  • Dec 18, 2020
  • 10 Minutes Read
15 Amazing Java Projects for Beginners in 2021 (New Ideas)

Java is one of the best languages one can learn when stepping into the world of programming. The main reason is that Java is an OOP – Object Oriented Programming – language, making it closer to the real world. Despite being started in 1992, Java is still being actively used for the development of software across the globe in a majority of companies. But before jumping into ideas for some amazing java projects for beginners in 2021, let’s understand briefly why java is so much popular?

Java is in much demand in real-world applications because of the following reasons:-

  • Unlike other programming languages, Java uses both a compiler and an interpreter for the conversion of a high-level language into machine code. The compiler produces Java byte code – an intermediate code that looks the same on all platforms. The interpreter, or the Java Virtual Machine, converts the Java byte code to machine code and then executes it on the host machine.
  • Being an object-oriented programming language, Java is much closer to the real world than most other languages. Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and dynamic binding are but some of the many features of the OOP paradigm.
  • Java’s memory management is quite robust by nature. Java handles garbage collection automatically without the user needing to worry about it. Java also does away with the concept of pointers, handling address-based operations on its own without letting the user worry about it.

Java Projects for Beginners


It is often a programmer’s dilemma as to what they can build with the concepts they have learned via some tutorial on the Internet. Good project ideas – especially ones which help boost your portfolio and improve your understanding of the underlying concepts – are hard to come by. That’s exactly why we are writing this article – to point you in a direction where you can get started by putting that newfound knowledge of yours to good use. Our list suggests some fun java project ideas for beginners with fresh topics for 2021 programmers that should get you started.


Why java practice projects are important?

Java continues to be a programming language that is in much demand. But sadly, just mentioning “I know Java” on your resume isn’t going to be enough, is it? Showing recruiters that you can work your way through Java with some real-world projects is going to look better. Projects are a way to show that one understands the underlying concepts of the programming language and are ready to apply it to solve real-world problems.

Project-based learning helps teach many concepts which the main theory can never teach. Java is a programming language that introduces a lot of new concepts – making it easy to get into, but hard to master. Implementing a few Java practice projects not only demonstrates how Java works behind the scenes but also helps boost the portfolio. This becomes useful when one tries to get a job as a Java programmer since java is still one of the most commonly used languages in the world.

It’s much easier to demonstrate that one knows Java if they have a few Java practice projects on their resume. These projects don’t have to be very complex – they should be something basic, and which puts some of Java’s many features into play.

15 Java Project Ideas for Beginners

As a beginner, it might be difficult to come up with ideas for projects, that's why we have decided to curate a list of 15 amazing java projects for beginners.

1) Bank Management Software

java project idea for bank management system

Perhaps one of the simplest software that one can work with is one that allows one to deal with bank accounts and the transactions around them. Designing a robust system that allows you to engage in transactions is something that every beginner should get started with. The proposed system is a web-based project that allows you to do everything a bank would allow you to do naturally.

One should be able to deposit money and withdraw money from a particular account as the user desires. There should be a validation to allow only a particular amount of cash inflows at any time, as well as to allow withdraws if the balance is sufficient. There should also be the calculation of interest and its addition to the balance every month.

There can be multiple improvements for this project, including adding support for multiple types of accounts. For example, there can be a recurring deposit account that should not allow withdrawals till the maturation date, and the amount is automatically added to the account post the maturation date. We started with this because it is still one of the most popular java projects for beginners.

2) Temperature Converter

One of the best ways to get started with Java is building conversion tools, and what could be simpler than a temperature conversion tool? One already knows the mathematical formula needed for conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius and from Celsius to Fahrenheit. All you need to do is take input for the value to be converted and which conversion to do – and then output the converted value.

There is also the concept of sanitizing the text being input and displaying an error for incorrect values. In other words, there should be a proper error if a non-numerical value is inserted as input.

3) Electricity Billing System

The main task of designing software is to automate something with greater efficiency. In our day-to-day lives, one of the biggest systems that are in dire need of automation is the billing system for electricity. Till today, bills are generated manually after readings are taken. Work done to automate reading meters and generating bills will go a long way in ensuring work is done in the most efficient way possible while ensuring accuracy in the numbers quoted on the bills.

There are lots of additions that can be done to ensure this project remains on top – and it’s totally up to the user to decide how and when to implement it. There aren’t any hard and fast requirements for a flexible project like this one.

4) Supermarket Billing Software

java project idea for supermarket billing system

Most of the supermarkets use software for preparing the final bill before the goods are packed. This software itself can very easily be designed by someone starting in Java. (Note that most of the actual software used for billing in supermarkets use Java itself). This billing software sums the amount for individual items and then adds them up to get the final sum that the customer has to pay. The number of individual items, the price of each item should be editable for the user. Also, there should be an option to remove the item from the list altogether.

If one wants to extend their project, they can consider adding an option to export existing bills or implement a way to save previous bills in the memory.

5) Memory Game

This might be one of the most unique projects that one can come up with while learning the game. Java’s graphics library allows the design of a wide range of small video games that can easily go up on your resume. In a memory game, a matrix consisting of a large number of smaller boxes will be available, the user’s task will be to win the game by matching patterns on particular boxes. When the user clicks one box, it should show its pattern – if the next box clicked on has a similar pattern, both boxes should remain flipped and the score should be added. If the second box flipped does not have a similar pattern, both boxes should stop showing their pattern.

There is a lot of scope in doing this, and a lot of possible improvements. For instance, there can be a way of storing the number of moves required as well as a leaderboard system for hosting folks that have the best memory possible. If an “easy mode” is desirable, then a way to store moves and move back and forth between each move can be added.

6) Link Shortener

This might seem like something too basic, but it’s something that should exist on your portfolio (if you want to be a good programmer, that is). A good link shortener does wonder in proving not your skills in Java, but your skills in understanding data structures and algorithms – the cruel underlying skill most avoid while getting into programming. Hashing is the main concept required for building something, but the challenge is getting it to run on all browsers and point to the actual page instead of showing an error.

There should be some validation to check if the link inserted is a proper link or not, and then the appropriate logic should be applied to “shorten” it. Oh yes, there should be a proper error telling the user that the link entered isn’t a proper link. One improvement that can be done here is adding some sort of history for the application for storing previously shortened links, and for adding an option to add the shortened link to the clipboard directly.

7) Chatting Application

java project idea for chatting application

Wondering what a “chatting” application is doing on a list of projects about Java? Turns out that Java has quite some intense support for network-based libraries too. However, instead of basic request-based communication, this application will need to communicate through sockets. There are multiple ways to implement this, and is probably one of the best ways for people to learn the networking functionality available with Java.

A good GUI works wonders in improving the project and improving its appeal to the users. However, it would be cool if support could be added for file transfer besides normal chat messages. After all, messaging applications would not have come so far if it wasn’t possible to send songs and funny clips to your friends and family, would it?

8) Digital Clock

Another simple and easy-to-implement project that you can show off is a digital clock. Some knowledge of UI design is needed here if a visually pleasing design is wanted (which does help a lot!). This requires some event handling as well as periodic execution functions to achieve the desired effect.

Extra features such as other modes, including that of a stopwatch and a counter can be made to improve the project’s output. If that itself isn’t challenging enough, adding the option to move between time zones and show the time according to the time zone selected is certainly going to be a challenge.

9) Quizzing app

One of the more subtle projects that Java allows one to build is apps. Google built Android to be built on top of the Java ecosystem, allowing all features of the Android OS to be worked with while building an app. One of the best apps to get started with the Android ecosystem is probably a quiz app for distributing questions to friends and family for solving! There’s a lot of scope in this project.

As for extensions, one can be creative when they want to improve this project. Authentication for users, export a set of questions from the app for use on other apps with the quiz, an online ranking system based on the number of people who have taken the quiz – the possibilities are endless. (Note that the extensions might require some expertise on the Android platform, which might not be taken upon immediately for most Java beginners.) So, if you are more into app development, this is an exciting java project idea to start with.

10) Email-Client Software

java project idea for email client software

The email has been one of the most important applications of the World Wide Web since its inception. It’s extremely relevant even in today’s world, as most formal conversations take place online via email. Designing software that allows one to deal with emails not only helps add a decent project to your resume – it also allows you to explore some unexplored parts of Java which normally aren’t accounted for in most online courses. Designing a proper body with headers and then sending it via a proper channel (SMTP or POP3, depending on the media being sent) is a pretty decent task.

While the main task is to primarily send an email to a destination of the user’s choice, the project can be extended much beyond that. One can add the feature of the creation and storage of drafts for sending them later. And of course, the project becomes a bit more challenging if you need to deal with multimedia as part of the email body as well.

11) Student Management System

This might be something that most people already have seen in their daily lives. You see your teacher recording your attendance on a sheet, putting in feedback, uploading assignments, etc. Combine everything, and everything should be part of one sweet project to add to your portfolio! A project as big as this should have its functionality split into three main parts depending on the type of user (which is identified at the time of authentication). These users include:-

  • Students: Students are designed to be consumers. They login to access their data, download assignments, upload solutions and projects, respond to feedback provided, and so on.
  • Teachers: Teachers are designed to be providers. They login to provide details about students like feedback, update attendance, communicate with the students, upload assignments, and so on.
  • Administrator: Administrators are designed to be the hierarchical elements that form the interconnecting bridge between teachers and students. They are the masters of the system – creating and editing account details, managing the mass inflow of information, checking the status of any submissions, and so on.

This project can highly customizable, and only gets more vibrant once more features are added to improve it. The more, the better.



Java Coding Ideas


12) Airline Reservation System

One of the best ways to try out the concepts of OOPs for yourself is with this project, probably. We have seen everyday systems where we make reservations or cancellations for flights, haven’t we? Designing a similar system as a project can be a very good way to add to the resume! The system should be a web-based one allowing all sorts of functionality that a normal reservation system would have fulfilled.

One should be able to make reservations on certain flights after filling in the requisite data. Reservations should be saved somewhere so that they can be accessed again later for a particular user. One should also be able to cancel reservations provided the reservation to be canceled exists, else an error should be displayed.

This project is a thorough test of your database skills as well, as it requires a lot of data to be dumped and fetched at all times.

13) Food Ordering System

java project idea for food ordering system

We have all eaten out at restaurants or ordered from outside. It takes a long time for the order to be taken and for our food (and later, our bill) to be delivered, right? Automation helps solve this problem too. One piece of well-designed software can help minimize queue times a lot and thus help increase the number of customers served per day.

The main functionality is to allow the user to order food and send it to the particular restaurant for which the order is being taken and show the user their bill. A sophisticated UI and other small features go a long way in improving this project.

14) Text-based RPG (role-playing game)

This might probably be one of the coolest things that one can build if they have decided to venture into Java. The idea is to allow the user to navigate their path in a video-game based setting. The only concept is that users have to choose their next move at every point in the game. Depending on the outcome of the move, the next choice is presented continuously till one of the conditions to end the game is triggered, which shows the score of the player and how long they survived.

This project is one of the best suggestions for people to start with, as it has less to nothing to implement, yet can be surprisingly complex to deal with. Think your basics about branching instructions and decision-making statements are good enough? This is one sure-shot way to put it to the test.

The flexibility of this project means that one can design the story of this game and its decisions and its outcomes in multiple ways possible. It’s totally up to the user as to how they want to proceed with it.

15) Media Player Application

Java is a language of many merits, including the ability to deal with all types of files. We all have used some sort of media player to listen to songs or watch movies, haven’t we? Designing and creating one such media player is going to be tough, but is something that one can take up if they want to explore more of the Java language. A media player application may require extensive Java knowledge before it is successfully made, but it can be very rewarding to figure out how to build one. That is why it is an interesting java project for new programmers.

This is, again, one of the projects that are extremely flexible by nature. Both an Android application or a desktop application can be designed to work as a media player. There’s also a choice to make it play only audio, or play both audio and video (in synchronization!).

Showing details of the video or audio being played as well as the ability to make playlists should also be something up the to-do list as well.

(Note that this project might take some time to implement as it involves a deep understanding of multithreading as well as file handling).

Which projects are best for new programmers?

It’s a lot of projects, isn’t it? That should be enough to get started with. Of course, even among these projects, some are easier than others. Like always, it’s wise to build stepping stones while learning any language. The mantra is to get started with the easier projects, and then move on to bigger and better ones as one’s understanding of the language improves.

The recommendation for new programmers making a project for the first time is to get started with the projects like the temperature converter, the digital clock, the link shortener, or the memory game. These are the most simple java project ideas for beginners. These projects are slightly more basic by nature and can be more easily done than the others. They have pretty straightforward requirements and don’t require a huge amount of time to build or code.

Once the beginner projects are pretty much done and dusted, it’s time to move on to slightly bigger and better stuff. The intermediate projects include stuff like the chatting application, the text-based role-playing game, the supermarket billing software, or the email client software. These projects are slightly more complex and require some time investment before they can be completed. Projects like the food ordering system, the airline reservation system, the electricity billing system, or the student management system can be done next. These have requirements that are mostly tailored made for different situations, hence it might require some research.

However, if you face problems with any of the above projects, our online java tutors are always ready to help you.


It is only with intense practice can one become a good programmer. However good you are, no one will be convinced about your skills unless you can show off a practical demonstration of the same. Nothing’s better than getting started with a few simple Java projects for beginners to show that you have some hold over the “mechanics” of the language.

Remember, it’s much more difficult to break into the programming world if you don’t have practical experience in coding. Coding a few Java practice projects helps mitigate this, and opens the doors for employment as a Java developer - one of the most in-demand roles in the IT industry at the moment.

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