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Top 13 C++ Projects for Beginners in 2022 for Practice

  • Jan 05, 2022
  • 9 Minute Read
Top 13 C++ Projects for Beginners in 2022 for Practice

The best way to get started with any language is to build a few practice projects in them. Skimming through a book adds some knowledge worth having, but that’s no real way to pick up real skills. The only way to know how the features of C++ operate behind the scenes is to work on a few basic projects.

One thing that most folks have a problem with while starting is to select their first project out of all the C++ project ideas for beginners they will find on the internet. With the increasing demand for C++ programming language all over the world, the average annual salary of a C++ developer is ?7,52,418 and often students prefer to be a C++ developer with a large number of opportunities out there.  

These projects can help one know the basics of the C++ programming language and build up a resume worthy of showing recruiters. This helps in getting a worthy internship or job later on (which is even more relevant for people without a background in computers). So, here are some fun and easy C++ projects for beginners in 2022, along with some advice for first-time coders.

Importance of C++ in Industry

Most of ‘90’s computer science graduates have started their lives programming with C. If we see properly, the introduction of modern-day programming concepts to C defined the modern programming language of C++. C++ is used in the production of many of the modern-day popular software that we use every day. Even a portion of many of the modern-day operating systems has been built using C++. Guess what? Even modern-day compilers and interpreters for other programming languages like Java, Python, and even JavaScript are built using C++! It’s almost the perfect language to start with if you want to get into programming, or if you simply want to add a versatile language to your skillset. According to the reports by TIOBE, C++ ranks in 4th position to be the most used programming language in 2021.

There are many reasons for starting with a language as versatile as C++.

These include:

  • C++ has the advantage of having access to the Standard Template Library (STL). As we already know, libraries are nothing but large collections of compiled code. The STL has access to definitions for standard data structures like a linked list, queue, stack, and so on.
  • C++ has the big advantage of offering features to flexibly work with memory allocation and de-allocation effectively. This makes it usable in a large number of software programs like browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, and even operating systems.
  • C++ is very close to the hardware while having modern-day features which is an improvement over its predecessor, C. This allows C++ to be used even in the making of compilers and interpreters. JavaScript’s V8 engine (which compiles JavaScript behind the hood in browsers), the Python IDLE interpreter as well as the Java interpreter – the Java Virtual Machine – are all made using C++.
  • C++’s familiarity with the hardware has widespread applications in embedded system software as well. This allows it to be used in security cameras, smartwatches, drones, etc.
  • C++ has one of the largest and friendliest communities around the globe.

13 C++ Projects for Beginners in 2022

If you’re one of the folks who are in a dilemma as to how to kick start your project-based learning, you’re not alone. A lot of people around the globe who want to get into programming face the same issue when they start. That’s exactly why we have prepared a comprehensive list of C++ projects for beginners that almost anyone with a basic understanding of the language should be able to accomplish.

  1. Currency Converter
  2. Credit Card Validator
  3. Digital Calculator
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe
  5. Stopwatch
  6. Student Management
  7. Hotel Management
  8. Digital Piano
  9. Address Handbook
  10. Search Engine
  11. Billing System
  12. Pacman Game
  13. Traffic Management System

We talked about each of these C++ beginner projects in-depth below on how to build them.

1) Currency Converter

currency converter project for c++ beginners

One of the best ways to revise basic concepts is to build a basic project, and there’s nothing easier than a converter. All you have to do is take input of the currency required and display the output accordingly. There also needs to be a way to customize the currencies from some sort of menu or dropdown. Data for the conversion can be fetched from an external file, or simply stored as a separate module.

A converter should have some validation to ensure that the conversion works only on numeric data. An error should be displayed for invalid data accordingly.

One addition that the project demands is in the value of the currency for conversion. A static file or module would mean that the currency values don’t manually change with time. Fetching data for updating these values from the Internet will not only give a more accurate result, but it will also help one build their networking concepts and build a better project (overall).

2) Credit Card Validator

In this digital world where e-commerce is ruling the roost, credit cards are everywhere. Most payment gateways use some sort of validation mechanism for credit card data before proceeding with the payment. What if there was software to perform this validation from the get-go? The validation works differently for different cards, so determining what type of card it is and then checking if the number entered is a valid credit card number or not is the way to go.

If things become a bit too complicated from the get-go, it’s okay to implement a drop-down or menu for selecting which type of card to check against. This project is extremely simplistic in terms of design but will require some knowledge of algorithms if one proceeds with building it.

3) Digital Calculator

This is one project you probably expected to see on the list, didn’t you? It is one of the easiest C++ projects to get started with is a calculator. This project is mainly GUI-driven, making it easy to implement. It will be a menu-driven program where the outputs will be provided by the user. It helps reinforce some of the basic concepts of C++, especially that of data types and decision-making statements.

The project needs validation for the inputs so that the calculation only happens if the data inserted is numerical by nature. Also, there’s some concept of data handling or the handling of data of a particular size. The bigger the number, the bigger the data type needed to handle it. Handling it appropriately will also require some skill – something that will go a long way in helping one secure an internship/job in the future.

4) Tic-Tac-Toe

tic tac toe C++ practice project

C++ is used for the production of a majority of gaming software around the planet. One of the world’s most powerful gaming engines, the Unreal Engine, is powered by C++. No doubt building a simple game in C++ will help show off your skills in a big way. What could be more basic than the tic-tac-toe game that we all played during a boring class in school or college?

Tic-Tac-Toe itself isn’t very difficult to implement. However, it does help one revisit some of the algorithms that one had learned while learning the language. You have to come up with the logic for deciding the winner while continuously swapping players when one player has played their move is going to take some time to implement.

Want to take things up a notch? Use the socket library to make the game a multiplayer game that can be played over the Internet by two players. This might not seem very easy, but it will help boost one’s networking concepts in a big way. It is also a great idea for a fun python project.

5) Stopwatch

One of the easiest ways to get started in C++ is to start with work in GUI-based applications – stuff that doesn’t have too much functionality, to begin with. That’s exactly why something like a timer or a stopwatch has graced the list. It’s easy to build and helps one brush up their basics with the graphics library that comes with C++. One can create their class for manipulating time or simply go with the predefined classes given within the language. Time should be counted down with a periodic function that keeps executing every second.

The GUI could be made as feature-rich as possible to help make the project look more appealing. The option to store past recordings in some file or simply display them in the application is an improvement that can be implemented pretty easily.

6) Student Management System

If things are going smoothly till now, it’s time to take it up a notch. Most projects are pretty straightforward and in what they accomplish. There are some projects, however, where the requirements are variable and can be designed as needed. The more functionality that one provides, the better. An average student management system needs to consider multiple types of users – teachers and students – and allow them to do particular stuff based on the privileges granted. Students should be able to edit their details, submit their assignments, and sit for tests set by teachers. Teachers should be able to set assignments and tests and grade students depending on their performance while being able to change their details. It is one of the most popular C++ projects among beginners, especially for school or college project submissions.

If things get a bit too basic with this system, the addition of a third type of user – parent – is recommended. Parents should only be able to view a student’s details and their marks – they should not be able to edit anything. That being said, the system also can be improved in a lot of other ways, so it’s good to add features as and when required.

7) Hotel Reservation System

hotel management is a very common c++ project for beginners

It’s not easy to come up with your features for a project, but doing that is exactly what is going to get your creative juices flowing. We’ve all been to a hotel sometime in our lives, haven’t we? How about a system to automate reservations and other details? The system should be able to book or cancel rooms and check for the availability of rooms on the go. The only thing a user has to do is enter their details when they want to book – with proper validation for every field added.

Adding an option to book for room service with a sort of “notification” to warn you at the right time would be a good practice. This helps one deal with the concept of time-based event-handling – an important skill that will help in building more complicated projects later.

8) Digital Piano

If things are getting a bit too simple for you to work with, this is something that should get your creative juices flowing. The idea is to build a GUI-based project where you can click on the keys of a virtual piano and play tunes to your heart’s content. This project may look simple, but a lot of concepts are involved which are quite complicated. Implementation of asynchronous functions as well as dealing with the various audio libraries will take some time. Asynchronous code also helps clear one’s concepts about multithreading, an important idea in today’s programming world.

This project is a mammoth in itself, helping boost one’s resume beyond belief. But if things start feeling too tame, trying to build a function to record the tunes played on the piano would help. This rigorously puts the knowledge of audio functions gained from building the project to the test while requiring file handling to dump the recordings to the hard disk. This is quite a new C++ project idea in these times to stand out from the rest in the class or in the interview.

9) Address Book

If you need to get a quick project into your resume that not only looks good but helps boost your fundamentals of data structures, then this is the way to go. All you need to do is implement the functionality to add, update, or delete data from the address book. The project will require some knowledge of data structures as well as how to manipulate and work with them.

If stuff seems a bit too easy, connect the project to a database in the background for storing details there. Connecting and updating the database with every operation performed on the front end will be a challenge for a beginner.

10) Search Engine

new idea for c++ project is making search engine.

If you need to take things up a notch, then this is the way to go. Building a project like this would require some external research before one can proceed. Several C++ frameworks can assist with this, but learning their correct formats from their documents will take some time. This also requires a lot of networking knowledge – including how to extract data from the Internet and display it.

It should be noted that this project should only be attempted once one has some level of mastery over the various concepts of C++. It might be slightly complicated by nature, but building something like this is going to help in getting that ideal internship or job for breaking into the world of computer science.

11) Billing System

Utilities that incur a fixed cost, such as water and electric bills, tend to follow a set monthly billing cycle. One way to avoid the hassle of lost or delayed bills is through the creation of an e-billing system that can sync e-wallets or banking accounts with those of recipients.

Here, you can rely on C++ to come up with a source code for the billing system which will automatically generate the bills, process them into our billing system and the user will be notified about the due dates for payments. They can make auto-debit payments or choose to make manual payments through that application. 

12) Pacman Game

The Pacman Game in C++ is a simple console application designed to provide entertainment. The Pacman Game, also known as “The Maze Game,” makes use of a predefined blue path in which the Pacman-like character should be driven so that it erases the path. As one drives the Pacman along the path, more and more of it disappears; this causes a larger score, which means the game is easy to play.

The basic idea of developing this project is to create the header file which includes the source code to control the motion and direction of the Pacman as well as the path. Developing a project like the Pacman game helps you to clear the concepts on C++ file handling and the combination of multiple files in a single project. Later, to make your project complex and effective, you can include the rich GUI and graphics to your game and take your project to next level.

13) Traffic Management System

In a developing country like ours, where cities are crowded with vehicles and pedestrians, controlling the traffic can be challenging. By using sensors to automate signals with speed limits and additional safety features, we can make our roads safer and more efficient.

Additionally, this system will spare the traffic controllers from the pain of heat and sunlight between all those noises for managing the rowdy din. The projects include the controlling commands which will respond remotely depending on the traffic on the roadways. Moreover, the C++ database will enable one to code and connect the necessary hardware that is needed for an embedded device. 

So, these are the best C++ project ideas for beginners to build and practice their new coding skills.

Which projects are easy for beginners?

The above list of C++ beginner projects should be enough to get you started. Almost all of the projects are easy to implement, so building them should not be difficult. The easiest out of all is Digital Calculator. But if it is your first time, you should start with projects like Currency Converter, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Address Book. These projects will have some small challenges that you should try to solve. Then, you can move towards projects like Tic-Tac-Toe or Student Management System as these will require more time. The idea is to continue building these projects so that one improves their understanding of the language. C++ can be a slightly confusing language to understand for beginners since it is closer to the hardware than it is to the user.


C++ is one of the most relevant programming languages in today’s world. However, understanding it can be a bit difficult for beginners. The best way to understand the underlying concepts of the language that most books won’t teach is to implement a few easy C++ projects for beginners. This also helps one if one is looking to get a job or internship in the domain of C++, as it helps prove to recruiters that you have an understanding of the language. If you are struggling with any c++ queries or looking for c++ assignment help then our expert tutors are available 24/7.

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