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Free C to Typescript Converter Online

Easily convert code from C to Typescript using our AI tool for free.

C Programming Language
Typescript Programming Language
the converted code will be displayed here: 

Use this free online tool to convert C code to Typescript with just one click!

Here's how:
1. Type or paste your C code into the input box.
2. Click the 'Convert' button.
3. See your Typescript code appear in the output box.

Key differences between C and Typescript

Characteristic C TypeScript
Type Compiled, statically-typed programming language Compiled to JavaScript, statically-typed superset of JavaScript
Memory Management Manual (using malloc/free) Automatic (Garbage Collection in JavaScript runtime)
Platform Dependency Platform-dependent (compiled to machine code) Platform-independent (compiled to JavaScript)
Syntax and Features Procedural programming, supports pointers, no built-in support for OOP Modern syntax, optional static typing, interfaces, generics, and other features to aid in building large-scale JavaScript applications
Compilation Compiled to native machine code Compiled to JavaScript
Standard Library Standard C Library (stdlib) for basic functions TypeScript standard library provides type definitions for JavaScript APIs and additional utilities for working with types
Object-Oriented Programming Does not support object-oriented programming natively Supports object-oriented programming with classes, interfaces, inheritance, and other features
Concurrency Requires libraries for multithreading support Single-threaded like JavaScript, but supports asynchronous programming with async/await and Promises
Use Cases System software, embedded systems, real-time applications Web development, particularly large-scale applications, front-end development with frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue.js
Performance Typically faster, closer to hardware Compiles to JavaScript and runs in the JavaScript runtime, so performance is dependent on the runtime environment

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