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Free C to HTML Converter Online

Easily convert code from C to HTML using our AI tool for free.

C Programming Language
HTML Programming Language
the converted code will be displayed here: 

Use this free online tool to convert C code to HTML with just one click!

Here's how:
1. Type or paste your C code into the input box.
2. Click the 'Convert' button.
3. See your HTML code appear in the output box.

Key differences between C and HTML

Characteristic C HTML
Type Compiled, statically-typed programming language Markup language
Purpose General-purpose programming, system software, embedded systems Structuring and presenting content on the web
Execution Compiled to machine code and executed on the CPU Interpreted by web browsers
Syntax Procedural programming with control structures, data types, and functions Tag-based with elements for defining structure and layout
Memory Management Manual (using malloc/free) Not applicable
Standard Library Standard C Library (stdlib) for basic functions Not applicable, but relies on a Document Object Model (DOM) for dynamic interactions
Object-Oriented Programming Does not support object-oriented programming natively Not applicable
Concurrency Requires libraries for multithreading support (e.g., pthreads) Not applicable
Use Cases System software, embedded systems, real-time applications Creating web pages and web applications
Performance Typically faster, closer to hardware Performance depends on the browser and client machine

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