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Free C to GoLang Converter Online

Easily convert code from C to GoLang using our AI tool for free.

C Programming Language
Golang Programming Language
the converted code will be displayed here: 

Use this free online tool to convert C code to GoLang with just one click!

Here's how:
1. Type or paste your C code into the input box.
2. Click the 'Convert' button.
3. See your GoLang code appear in the output box.

Key differences between C and GoLang

Characteristic C Go
Type Compiled, statically-typed programming language Compiled, statically-typed programming language
Memory Management Manual (using malloc/free) Automatic (Garbage Collection)
Platform Dependency Platform-dependent (compiled to machine code) Platform-independent (compiled to machine code, but cross-compilation is simple)
Syntax and Features Procedural programming, supports pointers, no built-in support for OOP Simple and clean syntax, built-in support for concurrency with goroutines, no inheritance, uses interfaces
Compilation Compiled to native machine code Compiled to native machine code
Standard Library Standard C Library (stdlib) for basic functions Rich standard library with extensive support for networking, file I/O, and concurrency
Object-Oriented Programming Does not support object-oriented programming natively Supports object-oriented programming using structs and interfaces, but no traditional inheritance
Concurrency Requires libraries for multithreading support (e.g., pthreads) Built-in support for concurrency with goroutines and channels
Use Cases System software, embedded systems, real-time applications Web servers, network tools, cloud services, system tools
Performance Typically faster, closer to hardware High performance, but generally a bit slower than C due to garbage collection

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