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Free C to C++ Converter Online

Easily convert code from C to C++ using our AI tool for free.

C Programming Language
C++ Programming Language
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Use this free online tool to convert C code to C++ with just one click!

Here's how:
1. Type or paste your C code into the input box.
2. Click the 'Convert' button.
3. See your C++ code appear in the output box.

Key differences between C and C++

Characteristic C C++
Programming Paradigm Procedural programming Multi-paradigm (procedural, object-oriented, generic programming)
Object-Oriented Programming Does not support object-oriented programming Supports object-oriented programming
Data Encapsulation No encapsulation (uses structs) Encapsulation through classes and objects
Inheritance Does not support inheritance Supports single, multiple, and virtual inheritance
Polymorphism Does not support polymorphism Supports compile-time (function overloading, operator overloading) and run-time polymorphism (virtual functions)
Standard Library Standard Library with functions for I/O, string handling, etc. Standard Template Library (STL) with a rich set of algorithms and data structures
Memory Management Manual memory management using malloc() and free() Manual memory management using new/delete, also supports smart pointers
Exception Handling No built-in exception handling mechanism Supports exception handling using try, catch, and throw
Function Overloading Does not support function overloading Supports function overloading
Namespace Does not support namespaces Supports namespaces to avoid name collisions
Default Arguments Does not support default arguments Supports default arguments in functions
Inline Functions Does not support inline functions Supports inline functions to reduce function call overhead
Use Cases System programming, embedded systems System programming, application development, game development, real-time simulations

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