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How is artificial intelligence changing the world
  • Poorva
  • Aug 19, 2019

In the past decade, artificial intelligence has transformed from a science-fiction dream to an important reality of our everyday lives. We use AI-driven systems like Siri, Alexa and Google in our daily lives; cars are being made to intelligently drive themselves; computers are able to monitor our browsing habits and pop up similar results; the list can go on. AI is everywhere and in a constant attempt to reform our lives.

The momentum of artificial intelligence is building and it could be one of the most transformative technologies conceived by humans and revolutionize the way we deal with everything. Thanks to the massive amounts of data gathered by computer systems through our browsing, likes, purchases and other movements, machines are learning to predict what we want or not.

Take a look at the future that AI has in store for us, and which industries will it impact the most.


Artificial intelligence algorithms will enable doctors to better analyze the health of their patients. They will be in a better position to prescribe tests and medicines, and also understand the latest trends in the medical field. Moreover, with AI, patients will also be able to monitor their lifestyle and environment. AI is also expected to bring about a personalized medical revolution.

 Virtual Assistance

Artificial intelligence has the power to virtually assist people in their daily tasks. For instance, going to the grocery store, making appointments, switching on your television, helping to sort your wardrobe and pretty much all that work which we hate doing. Powered with AI, these virtual assistants will know just exactly what and when to do.


Artificial intelligence is expected to bring wonderful transitions in the education sector. Learning has shifted from physical lessons to virtual lessons. It can also automate administrative and other monotonous works. Tutors can provide personalized learning and smart content for students. Moreover, there can be multiple ways of addressing queries that would suit everyone’s needs.


Artificial intelligence gained huge momentum and popularity because of the emergence of self-driving cars. So, this industry can never be left out when speaking about the impact of AI. Unlike human beings, AI drivers wouldn’t have to look down to change the radio, put on lipstick, comb the hair or argue with kids in the backseat. Autonomous cars are already here, and driverless trains are making a mark in the European countries. With AI, transportation can be made very convenient.

 Artificial intelligence can be applied to enough and more industries and not just restricted to these. With the powers of scaling into the minds of people, AI has become a new approach to every problem. AI holds an immense impact in the future and gives us a lot of reasons to learn AI in depth. With FavTutor’s easy online tutoring and assistance, learn AI-related subjects and solve all your queries with ease.