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Data Science Bootcamp for Beginners

A Complete Data Science Bootcamp Program including Python, Data Analysis & Visualization and Machine Learning with Practical Projects.

Technologies that you'll learn in this bootcamp

Why Data Science is Important?

We live in a digital world where everything is data-driven

Data Science helps companies learn how to monitor, manage and collect performance measures so they can make better decisions. Trend analysis helps companies gauge consumer engagement, corporate performance, and increase revenue.

Data science is a promising field with lots of high paying job opportunities

Data science, machine learning, and analytics are among the hottest career paths today. The demand for skilled data scientists is growing rapidly in industry, academia, and government. And so many people with diverse backgrounds are attracted to this field: physicists, mathematicians, statisticians, economists, and engineers.

An essential skill for the modern world

Data science is the future of business growth. Data scientists have the tools to collect and analyze data, as well as insights into how to use that information for business growth. Big companies are hiring data scientists to make a profit for their company and achieve unprecedented success.

Key highlights of FavTutor's Bootcamp

Structured Curriculum with 10+ Projects

With 25 hours of Live instructor-led session, 10 Projects and 100+ quiz question, you are sure to master the field of Data Science.

Live 1:1 Sessions

All the sessions will be 1 on 1 live with the tutor and you will be getting personalized learning experience.

Code-Execution Environment for Python

Coding out solutions to Python problems is the best way to practice. Our code-execution environment lets you type out your answers and run them against our test cases on our compiler.

Assignments and Quizzes

10 assignments and 100+ quiz questions, and other resources designed to help you practice your data science skills..

Certificate Of Completion

Get secured with a course certification after successful completion of the course. This will help you get started with your journey towards excellence and increase your job prospects.

Mock Interviews

The best way to prepare for a data science interview is to practice it with a real scenario. We'll be organizing mock data science interviews during this bootcamp.

6 Stages Roadmap to a Successful Data Science Career

Python Basics

4 Hours
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries and Strings
  • Conditional & Loops
  • OOP & File Handling
  • Functions and Patterns


4 Hours
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn

Data Analysis

2 Hours
  • Data Cleaning
  • EDA
  • Data Visualization


5 Hours
  • Credit Default Analytics
  • Telecom Churn Prediction
  • Cancer Diagnostic Analysis
  • SMS Spam Detection
  • Mall Customer Segmentation

ML - 2

5 Hours
  • SVM
  • Decision Tree
  • Bagging
  • Boosting
  • Clustering


5 Hours
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Ridge and Lasso Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Naive Bayes

Course Pricing

Data Science Bootcamp For Beginners

This Bootcamp includes

  • 25 Hours of Live 1:1 Session
  • 1 Hour of session = $45
  • Payment in Installments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instant Doubt Support
  • Mock Interviews

Ready to Start your Data Science Journey with our Bootcamp?

What our students say about us


As a newbie in this field, I was doubtful about how I would be able to work in a data science company. The Data Science Bootcamp proved me wrong with its methodical and structured training. As a result, I managed to get placed at a data analytics company within one month of joining Bootcamp. We had great mentors & instructors who made sure every concept was well understood by us. Thank you FavTutor for helping me kickstart my career in data science.

Victor Anderson

Favtutor provided a clear and concise overview of various topics in their Data Science Bootcamp. The tutor was patient and explained concepts and practical steps clearly. Coordinators tailor the programme to your specific needs, which is excellent.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, this bootcamp is designed for absolute beginners, who don't have any experience in Python or data science. We start from bare basics like python and Data science introduction & take it to a pretty advanced level.

You can post your queries in slack channel and our tutors will respond instantly to clear your doubts and since all the classes in the bootcamp will be 1:1, you can ask your doubts directly with the tutor in the session.

Absolutely not. There are no special prerequisites.

Yes, We have 7 days refund policy. Please check our refund policy

Yes, We accept the payments in installments.