In the past decade, artificial intelligence has transformed from a science-fiction dream to an important reality of our everyday lives. We use AI-driven systems like Siri, Alexa and Google in our daily lives; cars are being made to intelligently drive themselves; computers are able to monitor our browsing habits and pop up similar results; the list can go on. AI is everywhere and in a constant attempt to reform our lives.

The momentum of artificial intelligence is building and it could be one of the most transformative technologies conceived by humans and revolutionize the way we deal with everything. Thanks to the massive amounts of data gathered by computer systems through our browsing, likes, purchases and other movements, machines are learning to predict what we want or not.

Take a look at the future that AI has in store for us, and which industries will it impact the most.


Artificial intelligence algorithms will enable doctors to better analyze the health of their patients. They will be in a better position to prescribe tests and medicines, and also understand the latest trends in the medical field. Moreover, with AI, patients will also be able to monitor their lifestyle and environment. AI is also expected to bring about a personalized medical revolution.

 Virtual Assistance

Artificial intelligence has the power to virtually assist people in their daily tasks. For instance, going to the grocery store, making appointments, switching on your television, helping to sort your wardrobe and pretty much all that work which we hate doing. Powered with AI, these virtual assistants will know just exactly what and when to do.


Artificial intelligence is expected to bring wonderful transitions in the education sector. Learning has shifted from physical lessons to virtual lessons. It can also automate administrative and other monotonous works. Tutors can provide personalized learning and smart content for students. Moreover, there can be multiple ways of addressing queries that would suit everyone’s needs.


Artificial intelligence gained huge momentum and popularity because of the emergence of self-driving cars. So, this industry can never be left out when speaking about the impact of AI. Unlike human beings, AI drivers wouldn’t have to look down to change the radio, put on lipstick, comb the hair or argue with kids in the backseat. Autonomous cars are already here, and driverless trains are making a mark in the European countries. With AI, transportation can be made very convenient.

 Artificial intelligence can be applied to enough and more industries and not just restricted to these. With the powers of scaling into the minds of people, AI has become a new approach to every problem. AI holds an immense impact in the future and gives us a lot of reasons to learn AI in depth. With FavTutor’s easy online tutoring and assistance, learn AI-related subjects and solve all your queries with ease.

As the name suggests, data science is an amalgamation of data and science where data is the core of this form of science. Data science is a mix of several disciplines and its basic goal is to solve analytically multiplex problems. Inspecting and analyzing of data in order to achieve information and reach further conclusions is what data science is all about. In its essence, data science is about using various forms of data and process it into useful insights and information.

Why is data science important?

Data is the new electricity; it is the driving force behind everything. In the era of artificial intelligence and big data, there is a massive data explosion that has resulted in the formation of better technologies and smarter products. Hence, the need for data has increased tremendously over the past. In fact, most companies are centered around data for the successful running of their businesses. It helps them make the right business decisions and maximize their profits.

Data science churns raw data into valuable insights and helps companies make careful decisions. Hence, data science is used by people across industries. It gives companies the opportunity to examine and act according to their customer’s behavior and patterns. This helps companies boost their revenues and craft better quality services for the audience.

How and why to learn data science?

Learning data science has become very crucial in this day and age where everyone seeks to become the best of the best. To start from the basics, start by learning the essential tools of data analysis like Python, Excel, SQL & R. It is advisable to start with each of these step by step and not get defocused and confused with so many programming languages. Having a roadmap clearly helps in moving forward. 

There are a lot of courses and online tutorials available for learning data science. By just investing a few bucks and adequate time and efforts, you can know and learn everything about data science. The most important step is to have a fair idea of which software and program does what. Moreover, it is always better to constantly practice and solve as many problems as possible. The more you spend time with it, the better you become. FavTutor is an online platform that helps keen learners become better at data science through its constant tutoring.

The best way to excel in data science is to choose a specific skill you have and take it forward professionally.


What is the future of data science?

Data science is a rapidly booming field of learning for the youth, and companies are always on the hunt for people who are qualified with this learning. Although it is difficult to make predictions for a field so vast and with so many different disciplines, yet the current state and progress of data shows immense potential for its growth.


Thanks to the rapid advance of technology, data science is expected to turn into a more sophisticated kind of analytics including real time and predictive data. This will have a huge impact on the business sector. Furthermore, it is also expected that machine learning as one of the most basic aspects of data science will be greatly changed. It will change its way from mechanics to the creativity and usage of various mechanical models.

The world is expected to witness the emergence of new sources of data. Today, data scientists use clickstream data, purchase and sales data, but in the future, data generation will also include data generated from retail outlets, manufacturing streams, offices, etc. Moreover, the current tools will take an even more advanced switch making complicated tasks look much simpler. With the constant advancement in data science tools, it is very important for individuals to keep up with their learning and get a hold of every minute advancement.

With the entry of electronics and technology in all aspects of our lives, it is not surprising to find their inclusion in the field of education as well. Moreover, globalization has also contributed significantly to the online computer tutoring revolution. The increased interconnectivity has added to the number of tutors available to students. Before this evolution, students had access to tutors only in their geographic area whereas modern students benefit from a worldwide network of amazing tutors. Hence, online tutoring has become the mantra of the day. Here's a list of essential steps to make the most out of online tutoring.

Check the platform

It is very crucial to check the quality and assistance provided by the platform you choose. It is always advisable to review the platform from some genuine people and friends so that you are not misguided or deceived.

 Review the tutors

Tutors form the most important aspect of the online tutoring revolution. Most platforms give you the option of checking out the past ratings and reviews of the tutors. This enables you to see if the tutor can match your requirements and can solve your doubts. In fact, you should also rate your chosen tutor after the completion of the lesson. This way, you can help others with your genuine feedback.

 Schedule the sessions

Most online platforms provide the options for scheduling your sessions with your tutors. This flexibility gives you control over your learning- you can book sessions according to your own suitability with your favorite tutors. This also gives you a chance to check and manage your curriculum, revise the previous sessions and stay focused on the current session.

 Appropriate internet network

Internet and technology are the backbones of online tutoring. You are encouraged to establish a proper internet network in order to have access to online tutoring. A stable internet connection will avoid all forms of distractions and you will be able to benefit from each second of your session.

Stay organized

The most effective learning happens when things are planned beforehand. Online tutorials from best website to learn coding works best if students have their academics well planned in advance. Moreover, having a convenient and disruption-free environment helps eliminate other distractions and offer a better learning experience.

Stay active

Staying active is the key to online learning. By constantly engaging in questions and engaging in solutions helps the students and also makes the tutor take all the more interest. It also improves the rapport between the tutor and the student.

Customized Tutoring Service is a great way to learn, and helps in uncomplicating your lessons with a one-on-one environment. FavTutor, one of the leading online tutoring service providers, offers a range of subjects in Coding and Programming, and also provides help in on-demand homework and assignments. These programmes can be of tremendous help to students who are facing challenges with the traditional ways of learning.